Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Apple Watch Review: Judgement = it's awesome!

Yep, Milanese - geek magnetics.

Dude, this watch is awesome and I am so lucky the the love of my life bought this for me! She presented to me after my graduation commencement from WGU (BS in Business IT Management). Its slick. Why? Because:

  • It looks classy yet highly tech and geeky.
  • The activity app is my dream being a fitness junkie. Everything I do is considered movement wise and I look every few hours to see if I have completed my fitness goals. Needs those abbbbssss!
Better start doing some jumping jacks!

  • Talking to it seems to be much better than Siri directly on the phone, it hasn't made one mistake yet. I imagine they use a 'different Siri' but what do I know?
  • The band is awesome but it scratched up my case a little bit when it went all the way back to its bracket. ;(
  • I like the faces and there is probably a face out there for someone. I chose modular.
Not busy today?

  • Game's aren't very good on it so far, let's see if someone (or maybe me) will create a better watch game.
  • I like the remote control camera for those spy missions I have. 
Apple, thank you, and to my Love, thank you more. If you have an iPhone get and Apple Watch now!  Once you have one, its a necessity.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

N300 Wifi Range Extender

Been having a problem with getting wifi in my living as my wireless router is in my bedroom. We have a two bedroom apartment but we constantly get drops while streaming video on any device in the living. This NetGear N300 Wi-Fi Extender was on sale yesterday for only $49.99 and it worked like a dream.

Easy setup.
Strong signal.

I highly recommend it and...its cute and tiny like a little robot.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Short but sweet

Woohooo first sale of the year. Now must find more things to sell.  :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's coming!!!! But it was so depressing before...

I finally procured a Space Grey iPhone 6 Plus via work in early November but the AT&T estimate was 'delivered between Dec 18 and Dec 30' which was going to take it dangerously into my vacation time where I couldn't get my prize. But I received a message that it was due to arrive tomorrow by 4:30pm. Yes! This time, the inaccuracy was to my favor but wow the stock of iPhone 6 is so great and chaotic that they are unable to give exact dates.

This time, that's ok.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Where's my iPhone 6?

I want my iPhone 6 :(

Why oh why are the lines so long at all the Apple stores I try buy an iPhone 6? It's ridiculous, really. Sometimes the lines are 3-4 hours long or more for the day (no way - that's a waster of time) and sometimes the lines are for the next fricking day. My girlfriend and I are trying to get iPhones together, one of us will get a regular and the other will get the Plus. See the size lineup below:

5 - 6 - 6 Plus
We'll switch back and forth trying them buuuuut there's no where to get them! Now this is not completely true as we could go to the AT&T store but the trade-in value is so much smaller than at Apple. My 32gb iPhone 5 (not 5s) is wroth $205 in its good condition. My Love has the iPhone 5 also but 16GB buuuuut the sleep wake button is broken (there is currently a program to get that fixed at Apple but the process will take two weeks roughly). AT&T gave her phone $27 trade in worth. That's ballssssssss. Apple was still going to give her phone a $205 trade-in (or $250 or so if the button is fixed) and mine is roughly $280 worth. But the lines...THE LINES!!! We are at an impasse here because we could go hardcore and spend the extra hundreds of dollars at AT&T or wait for the lines to simmer down and get better trade in value but the value might go down 10-20% for our phones.

Choices choices...but then again the Plus is out of stock globally and there is no availability until December. Good work Apple, good work frustrating us, wasting time on lines, and oh yeah good work frustrating us. Maybe the new stock coming out will bend in your butt pocket less anyway.


What to do now?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon recently released the Amazon Fire phone exclusively through AT&T. Good looking phone with a nice set of features such as:

Dynamic Perspective

Experience interactions not possible on other smartphones. Tilt, auto-scroll, swivel, and peek to navigate menus and access shortcuts with one hand. Dive into a new class of immersive apps and games—peek to see detailed views of clothing, shoes, and more in the new Amazon Shopping app for Fire phone, or take on a character's viewpoint to see around corners and obstacles in games.
Firefly technology
Quickly identify printed web and email addresses, phone numbers, QR and bar codes, plus over 100 million items, including movies, TV episodes, songs, and products—simply press and hold the dedicated Firefly button to discover useful information and take action in seconds.
Get free, live, on-device video support with an Amazon expert, 24x7, 365 days a year at the touch of a button. No appointments necessary. Now available over the AT&T cellular network, in addition to Wi-Fi.

13MP camera with optical image stabilization

Fire phone features a custom-tuned 13 megapixel camera system, with a fast five-element wide aperture f/2.0 lens for crisp, beautiful images. In low light conditions without a flash, Fire phone uses optical image stabilization to keep the shutter open up to four times longer to reduce noise and blur. 

Stunning 1080p Video

Capture all the action in stunning HD. Fire phone records in 1080p at 30 fps from both front and rear-facing cameras, for great-looking video whatever you want to shoot.

Never miss a moment

No more fumbling to take a photo. With Fire phone's dedicated camera button, you can launch the camera in just about a second—even when the screen is off.

Free unlimited cloud storage

Get free, unlimited cloud storage for all photos taken with Fire phone (in full resolution). No more worrying about what to delete.

Automatic back-up to Cloud Drive

Fire phone can automatically back up your photos and videos to Amazon Cloud Drive. Access anytime on Fire phone, other Amazon devices, or Cloud Drive apps.

Panorama, lenticular, and burst capture

Capture even the widest scene with the panorama setting, hold down the shutter button to capture a burst of shots in a fast-moving scene, or combine multiple images in lenticular mode.

Intelligent HDR

Fire phone automatically suggests when to turn on High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR merges multiple exposures into a more detailed, vibrant image—even in back-lit conditions.
You also get Amazon Prime membership for a year! If you are into unlimited streaming of movies and videos, songs, books, and free two day shipping on millions of items... :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Large iPhone 6?

Gizmodo posted an article that Apple will be developing large iphones to compete with the likes of Samsung and etc. Though most large smartphones make you look like you are a baby holding daddy's phone, this doesn't look overly dwarfing. Yehey bigger movie viewing anywhere :).